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What We Do

At  Inspection Doctors, we go above and beyond what you would expect in an  inspector.  We check for soundness of the home as well as all aspects of  proper functionality.  But we take it a step further.  At NO CHARGE, we  will perform a foundation reading to see if there are any variations. a Thermal Imager to search for possible moisture or insulation problems, and will run a camera through the main sewer pipes to look for breakages or root infiltration.

Basic Checkup - $395*

  • Foundation, grading, and drainage 
  • Gutters 
  • Roof materials and structures 
  • Attics 
  • Walls, ceilings, and floors 
  • Doors, windows, and stairways 
  • Chimneys and fireplaces 
  • Porches, balconies, patios, and decks 
  • Carports, garages, and garage door openers 
  • Driveways and walkways 
  • Electrical systems, panels, outlets, and fixtures 
  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems 
  • Plumbing systems and plumbing fixtures 
  • Major built-in appliances 

Additional Exams - At No Charge

  • Infared Thermography 
  • Outdoor Sprinkler System
  • Foundation Level Reading
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Sewer Scope

Cadillac Coverage

  • * Additional Charge for Homes Over 2000 Sqft
  • Termite WDI Report - $100 
  • Outbuilding - $100 
  • Pool / Spa - $75

Re-Inspection - $125

So you had the inspection completed and have negotiated repairs with the seller.  We will come back and reinspect up to five individual items.  Add $10 for each additional item.