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Nobody wants  to spend hundreds of thousands of hard-earned dollars on a home that has  problems.  What is more important than feeling assured that the home  you are buying is in good health?  Let Inspection Doctors come give your  new dream house a complete physical.

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Sometimes  a prognosis can seem scary.  Inspection Doctors are professionals who  know how to deliver the report in a way that is both accurate and  friendly.  Often times, buyers are under a lot of stress when  negotiating a home purchase.  Inspection Doctors will do our very best  to not add to that condition.

Can I Attend The Inspection?


Absolutely!  We encourage you and the  buyer's agent to come to the inspection.  Not just the last few minutes  for a quick summary...but the entire inspection.  Reports are great but  there is nothing better than showing you an issue as we come across it  for you to see with your own eyes.

The Right Tools Matter

Using  the right tools to perform the physical is paramount to making certain  you are purchasing a healthy home. We use Ziplevels to check foundation  levels, Thermal Imager to search for moisture penetration or missing insulation,  Drones to check roofs / chimneys when unsafe to walk on, Sewer Scopes to look for cracks or root intrusion in main sewer lines, and gas sniffers to smell things the human nose may miss.


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